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Peak Performance Training


We are peak performance experts. We teach our clients sports psychology principles, mindset tools and mindfulness techniques.

Athletes using these skills consistently have greater confidence, enhanced composure and recover faster from mistakes. We offer group and individual trainings.

Teams Workshops

We organize in-person group activities that teach sport psychology skills to perform under pressure 

1-on-1 Mindset Coaching

Get 1-on-1 mindset coaching with Certified Peak Performance Coach  to achieve your goals and overcome barriers to success

Mindfulness Course

Take our Mindfulness Course with Certified Mindfulness Instructor to Learn Basic Skills to Perform with more composure and resilience.

Female Training
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Certified Performance Coach

Evidence-Based Curriculum

Over 20 years experience


When you train your brain to work for you - your mind

can be what elevates you to the next level.

Robyn Kenney



We offer peak performance trainings for coaches, athletes, parents, high school teams, clubs and collegiate teams. To learn more set up a free consultation to determine the best program that meets your needs. 

1-on-1 Mindset Coaching

Your individual program is custom designed to help you set goals, clear out mental interference and build the skills of top performers. Clients learn various mental training skills, including; guided visualizations, confidence building, replacing negative self-talk and focusing practices. Every client that works with us receives a MP3 recording, text reminders and a pre-performance routine.

Team Peak Performance Workshops

Our speciality is doing team workshops. We work with athletes in a team setting at your field location. Athletes learn basic mental training exercises such as concentration techniques, growth mindset, self-talk mastery and tools to quickly recover from setbacks.  Athletes learn a pre-competition mental routine.  A team guided visualization can be created upon request.

Our team building activities enhance communication, team chemistry, build trust and help players perform under pressure.


Mindfulness Courses for Athletes

Take our 4- Week Mindset Course for Athletes with a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. Koru is an evidence-based four week course that has shown to improve sleep, reduces stress and increase happiness. Practicing mindfulness can improve your mindset and performance on the field. You will have gained more composure, self-acceptance and resilience.

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Thank you for bringing the most amazing strategy to the table! It made the world of a difference. Visualization helped me immensely. I find myself more confident and less likely to panic if I’ve visualized a positive outcome!


TC Williams Field Hockey Player Class of 2017


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