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We offer a range of consulting services and mental skills trainings targeted toward coaches, athletes and athletic clubs, high school and collegiate teams. Each program is available as a package to maximize the learning of key concepts, provide feedback and meet identified goals over a 3 month time period.  Call, text or email us to set up a free consultation to determine the best program that meets your needs.  Download our brochure here. 

Individual Mental Training

Your individual program is custom designed to help you set goals, clear out mental interference and build the skills of top performers.  Clients learn various mental training skills, including; guided visualizations, confidence building, replacing negative self-talk and focusing practices. Every client that works with us receives a custom MP3 recording, text reminders and a pre-performance routine.  

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Team-Based Peak Performance Training


We work with athletes in a team-based setting at your location.  Athletes learn basic mental training exercises such as concentration techniques, growth mindset, self-talk mastery and tools to quickly recover from setbacks.  We also offer team building activities aimed to enhance communication, team chemistry, build trust and help players perform under pressure.

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Mindfulness Courses


Learn practical skills from Robyn Kenney, Certified Mindfulness Instructor.  You will learn basic mindfulness techniques that you can use to manage your stress, focus your mind, and gain perspective on issues and challenges that you may be facing.  It increase's parents capacity to respond to daily demands, it improves athletic performance on the field with enhanced composure and resilience. 

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