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Mental Training Testimonial
"Thank you for working with me these past few months.  It has been invaluable and I'm excited to keep working together. I did your guided visualization and it helped me with my nerves, being present and staying calm. You've been such a transformative part of my life." Hewan, Dressage Rider 2021

What are the benefits of Mental Training? 

Attaining the mental edge in sports takes practice and is the key to consistently performing well.  Certified Performance Coach, Robyn Kenney works with clients in private individual sessions to transform mental attitudes, self-confidence and habits. 



Mental training skills not only improve performance on the field, it improves clients’ ability to be more centered, clear-headed and resilient during difficult situations at school and in all types of relationships.  Typically clients will request individual sessions to:

  • Develop pre and post game routines

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Build and maintain confidence

  • Increase focus and concentration skills

  • Manage nerves and perform under pressure

  • Remove negative self-talk, build self-belief

  • Recover quicker from setbacks

  • Handle success and failure well

What to expect:

We offer single sessions or 2-3 month program to attain meaningful results.  You will complete an application before we have a free 30 minute zoom consultation.  Once you've decided to work together, the first appointment will be one hour long to discuss goals and start training your mind right away. You will learn a mixture of goal setting, confidence builders, guided visualizations, breathing exercises and ways to combat negative self-talk.  

By the end of taking our mental training program, clients will have a pre-performance routine, tools to maintain focus, confidence and be more resilient in the face of adversity.  Every client who goes through our 3 to 6 month mindset course receives a custom MP3 recording, text reminders and a pre-performance routine.

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