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Fall Preseason is here!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Preseason is here!

Athletes can experience a mix of emotions when preseason arrives. It’s an exciting time to reunite with your friends and teammates. There is nervousness in the air, not knowing what to expect. There is hope you’ll survive conditioning in the summer heat! And if you are trying-out for a new team you’ll want to play your best, even if your legs are dog-tired. Being both mentally and physically fit will give you that edge you’ve been looking for! Especially when proving you deserve a spot on the team!

Director Robyn Kenney - Coaching at Husel Summer Clinic July 2019

Here are a few tips to play your A-Game at preseason.

Awareness - Become hyper-aware of what your beliefs and emotions are, now. These drive your perceptions and directly affect your performance. Do you believe your best is good enough? If not, it’s time to let go of those overachiever expectations and doubts.

Repeat to yourself, “I can handle anything!” Repeat as often as you need to flush out the doubt. One of the most important quotes my high school coach told us is, “Your body achieves what your mind believes!” We won NJ State Championships 3 out of 4 years I was there. Now is the time to become aware of your beliefs and choose to empower yourself.

Attention: Where are you placing your attention at practice? Are you too busy comparing your cleats, clothes and FH sticks with your teammates, leaving no mental space for executing the drill? No one wants to be a drill-wrecker!

Instead of wasting precious mental energy, look around and anticipate what’s next for success on the field. Be mentally prepared before the ball even comes to you! During water breaks or waiting to sub, place your attention on one thing you are thankful for - closing-out the summer with your close friends on the team! Mentally preparing the next step and practicing gratitude will set you up for success!

Attitude: Are you a glass half full or half empty type? Remember your attitude is completely in YOUR CONTROL! Choose now, to have an optimistic attitude. For the next week of practice see the bright side of whatever comes your way.

  • If you are doing an insane number of sprints, tell yourself, “This will really get me in shape for the season!”

  • If you miss a tackle or pass, tell yourself, “needs work” and choose to quickly recover on the next play. Recovering quickly is more important than the mistake itself.

  • If you forget a piece of equipment, write yourself a check list so you know you are prepared for next time. This reduces pre-practice anxiety.

  • If you are stressed about team selection, then remember why you play - to have fun! Switch out, “I’m nervous.” with “I’m excited!”

Train your mind and your A-Game will come naturally! Become aware of your beliefs, feed the positive ones. Put your attention on executing your skills and anticipate the play. Focus on the things you can control. Remember all the reasons you are grateful for being together with you team and friends. When your direct your thoughts in this way, your mind will propel you to success!

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