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What we do: 

We are peak performance experts. We teach our clients sports psychology principles, mindset tools and mindfulness techniques. Directing attention with clarity toward solutions results in peak performance regardless of the external pressures. Athletes using these skills consistently have greater confidence, enhanced composure and recover faster from mistakes. 

Team Workshops 

We organize in-person group activities that teach sport psychology skills to perform under pressure 

1-on-1 Mindset Coaching

Get 1-on-1 mindset coaching with Certified Peak Performance Coach  to achieve your goals and overcome barriers to success


Take our Mindfulness Course with Certified Mindfulness Instructor to Learn Basic Skills to Perform with more Composure and Resilience

ASA's Mental Skills Training for GK's
ASA's Mental Skills Training for GK's
Oct 20, 6:00 PM
This Mental Skills Training is for ASA Goal Keepers. Learn new skills to perform under pressure!

Why do mental training?

What skills will I learn? 

How do I get started?

U11 Soccer preparing for their match Sep

When athletes practice mental skills consistently it conditions the mind, and body to think and perform the way you want.  As a result, self-confidence, experiencing peak performance and recovering from setbacks increase dramatically.


Train with Us 

Athletes will learn focusing and awareness techniques to help them concentrate for longer periods of time.


They also learn pregame routines that create consistent performance and skills to perform in pressure situations. Team-based mental training programs can be custom designed. 

Woman Studying

The fastest way to maximize abilities in sport is to combine mental training, growth mindset and physical training.  Athletes that train both mentally and physically, out perform those who do not mentally prepare.  


Contact us for a free consultation to get started.


Jenny Everett,
Husel Coach

I received so many texts last night about how very, very helpful your workshop was and I think it really hit a nerve to an extent that I was not even aware of folks questioning or self-doubting.  I will send your material out today to the entire club.  Really looking forward to the visualization!


Thank you for all the support and guidance you gave my daughter.  I can't overstate how grateful that we found you when we did.  So many things you talk about and the skills you taught are applicable to life in general too.

Coaching Client 

You've been such a transformational part of my life and work. You've played an instrumental role in my development.  You are so perceptive.  Thank you! 

Mackenzie, Athlete
Class of 2024

The last session was so helpful to move past my limited mindset and be more mindful to what I could learn from the experience. I've been doing your five sense exercise and it slows me down and gets me out of my head verses all the chaos. 

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