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The Mindful Athlete

George Mumford released a book in 2015 that describes his life story and how it led him to teaching mindful meditation practices to athletes.  After years of meditation training, he was introduced to Phil Jackson, NBA Coach.  Given Mumford's experience playing basketball and meditation training, Jackson asked Mumford to teach meditation to his NBA teams on the Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers and NY Knicks. Mumford explains to the reader the four noble truths and the secrets to pure performance for any athlete.  

Author: George Mumford

The Art of Mental Training

DC Gonzalez is a brilliant story teller who describes his life experiences helping athletes and others acheive greater performance under pressure. He explains the key principles to mastering the art of mental training.  Including the critical points for training the mind; positive self-talk, breath awareness, relaxation and mental imagery.  

Author: DC Gonzalez

The Inner Game of Tennis

Gallwey's book, The Inner Game of Tennis describes his experience as a tennis coach and unique coaching philosophy that can apply to any athlete.  The "inner game" is based upon principles in which an individual uses non-judgmental observations of critical skills. Coaches and players alike will learn new mental skills to let go of judgements, master concentration and allow the body to naturally achieve best performance.

author: Timothy Gallwey

Thinking Body, Dancing Mind Tao Sports for Extrodinary Performance

Written by a sports psychologist and a renowned T'ai Chi master, here is a guide to enriching all of life's pursuits through the practice of its simple mental tools and wisdom. Using stories of success from athletes and businesspeople, the authors present guided visualization techniques and exercises to promote relaxation and enhance performance..

Author: Chungliang Al Huang, Jerry Lynch

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